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House for rent - Hanoi: Numerous street-facing houses offered for sale A lot of houses facing the street in Hanois hub, which are priced for millions of USD are offered for sale.

Because of economic recession, the number of street-facing houses in Hanois center districts like Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh that are offered for sale has soared. These houses are advertised with “on-heaven” prices, ranging from tens of billion to hundreds of billion dong (several to tens of million USD).

On popular estate websites, many street-facing houses on main streets of Hanoi are advertised for sale, especially houses in Hoan Kiem and Ba Dinh streets.

In Ba Dinh district, a 70 sq.m five-storey house on Linh Lang Street is offered at VND14.2 billion ($700,000). A 43sq.m house on Dang Dung Street is advertised at VND56 billion ($2.8 million). A 90sq.m house on Tran Vu Street is fixed at VND28 billion ($1.9 million). A 200sq.m house on Nguyen Khac Hieu Street is priced VND67 billion ($3.3 million). A 80sq.m house on Van Bao Street is offered at VND14.5 billion ($700,000).

In Hoan Kiem district, a 65sq.m house on Hang Cot Street is advertised for sale at VND33 billion ($1.6 million). A 90sq.m house on Hue street is priced VND95 billion ($4.7 million). A 88sq.m on Tong Duy Tan Street is VND28 billion ($1.4 million). A 80sq.m house on Hang Ga Street is offered at VND48 billion ($2.4 million). A 120sq.m house on Ly Thuong Kiet Street is assessed at VND70 billion ($3.5 million).

Chairman of Sohovietnam estate consulting company, Pham Xuan Can, said economic difficulties have hardly hit many estate investors. They have to sell street-facing houses, even at low prices, which are 20-30 percent less than previous years.

Though these houses are very expensive, they can be still sold, to super-rich men.

A real estate trading office on Ma May Street said that so far

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year, the office has successfully performed transactions for several street-facing houses because the sellers offered towering prices.   Allowing foreigners buying houses in VN to rescue property market?

Vietnam will not be able to rescue the real estate market if it only relies on the domestic resources. The government has been urged to allow foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam to increase the demand.

Foreign sources would help warm up real estate market

In 2008, the National Assembly released a resolution on allowing foreign individuals to buy houses in Vietnam in a 5-year trial period.

However, to date, only 500 foreigners have bought houses in Vietnam so far. Most of them are original Vietnamese with foreign nationalities. This has been attributed to too many restrictions set up by the current policies.

The subjects allowed to buy houses in Vietnam are limited. Meanwhile, they have to follow very complicated procedures to register the ownership of their houses. Especially, they can only buy houses for accommodations, not for the financial investment or other purposes.

Experts have pointed out that by setting such limitations, Vietnam has put big difficulties for itself, and that Vietnam has missed a big resource for the development of the real estate market.

Dr. Tran Minh Hoang, President of the Vietnam Real Estate JSC, said real estate is a kind of valuable asset, therefore, peoples ownership and their asset determination right should be protected by the laws. This would be an important factor people would consider when making investment decisions.

Satmad Zok, a foreign businessman who has been living and working in Vietnam for 8 years, said he is still reluctant to buy a house in Vietnam.

“If referring to the current laws, I have the conditions to possess an apartment. However, I know its very complicated to buy and register the ownership of properties. Vietnamese also find it difficult to buy houses, let alone foreigners,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam has also admitted that the policy on allowing foreigners buying houses in Vietnam has not been “brought into life” because of the limitations.

“In the world of integration, while Vietnamese people can buy houses in foreign countries, foreigners cannot buy houses in Vietnam,” Nam said.

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What will happen next?

The Resolution No. 19 with the 5-year prescription on allowing foreigners buying houses in Vietnam in the trial period would end in 2013. What will come after 2013, then?

Sources have said that the government has instructed the Ministry of Construction to review the implementation of the pilot policy, while planning to submit to the National Assembly a new policy, under which Vietnam would widen the

to be eligible for buying houses in Vietnam.

The Ministry of Constructions principle is that Vietnam should allow not only the foreigners who work and do business in Vietnam, but also the foreigners who have demand for houses, to buy real estate products in Vietnam. Especially, the foreigners would be driven to the high end housing projects.

The ministrys standpoint has been advocated by economists. Dr. Vo Dai Luoc, who was the Head of the economics and politics institute, said opening the real estate market to foreign buyers would be a good solution that can help rescue the real estate market.

Bui Kien Thanh, a well-known economist, also said that Vietnam should not worry about the problems to be arisen when allowing foreigners buying houses in Vietnam.

“We will have the legal regulations and required procedures to control the real estate market,” Thanh said.

Low-income citizens should rent homes: official

Citizens who earn VND6-7 million per month should take out preferential loans to buy a home, but those with a lower income should rent, said Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Tran Nam.

Low-income citizens, rent home, VND30-trillion credit program

Speaking at a web conference on the VND30 trillion home loan package on Tuesday, Nam said those earning around VND6 million a month should access projects with micro apartments of some 30 square meters each, like Viglacera Dang Xa in Hanoi. A home of this size is enough for a couple and their child, he said.

With a price of about VND8.5 million per square meter, homebuyers will have to pay a total of VND250 million, including a VND50 million down payment and installments over a 15-year period. The highest monthly payment is only VND3 million, allowing homebuyers to repay bank loans, he said.

In response to the question ‘If a worker with a monthly income of VND4-5 million can borrow VND400 million to purchase a home?, Tran Xuan Hoang, deputy general director of BIDV, said his bank could not give a loan to such a client. He explained that people with such a low income would never be able